Raygar Properties
- 142 Ossie James Drive

Raygar Properties, 142 Ossie James Drive

Client - Raygar Properties Ltd

Year completed - 2019

Location - Titanium Park

Architect - Enderwick Design

Engineers - Gray Consulting Engineers Ltd

Category - Industrial

Service - Construction Management

In April 2019 the construction process on the Raygar Properties began.

A feasibility report ensured supply issues were alleviated through careful planning to secure the smooth delivery of the successful build. The design and construction also had to conform to airport regulations. 

The first stage was to build six commercial units, predominantly from precast panels (pre-ordered for timely delivery out of consideration for the buoyant market), comprising 42m2 of ground and first floor office space including accessible toilet and shower, and 160m3 of warehousing space.

On time and on budget the first tenant moved in on 25 September 2019. The client was so happy with the build we are now on our third project with them.