WRC Offices – Grey Street

We successfully managed the development of this building for the property owner from beginning to end - providing earthquake strengthening, signing tenants, and selling to investors on completion.

Year completed2014
ServiceDevelopment Management

Project Description

Originally, we were approached by the property managers for the property owner, who asked if we could improve the earthquake strengthening in an old building on Grey St in Hamilton, following similar work we had completed at Southwell School. They wanted to move the Waikato Regional Council in as a tenant, and then sell the building. The time frame decreased, until the property owner mentioned that it would be too difficult to do inside the owner's processes, and offered the project to us as development management.

WRC and the property owner were both great to work with, and we worked with Opus on the design. We were able to test their thinking, and going from simply construction management to overseeing the whole development meant that we were able to influence the designer more. Opus had designed to make the building 100% earthquake proof, but WRC only needed it to be 67%. We were able to convince them that there was a better way of doing it with off the shelf solutions as opposed to something that had to be purpose made. By working with Opus on that difference, we were able to simplify the construction, saving time and money.

We were involved in signing the tenants, obtaining bank funding, finding investors, and then selling the building - so we looked after the whole process from the beginning to the end. It was an asset that BNZ didn't want, but they didn't want the hassle of the earthquake strengthening or tying the tenant down. We were able to use our core project management skills and overarch that with development to bring the whole thing together.