Development management

Through development management, we work alongside our clients from the initial briefing stage through the feasibility and project delivery until handover. We find the tenants, work with investors to purchase the land or building, and assist with selling the asset at the end of the construction process if necessary. This involves working with a wide range of stakeholders to ensure all property-related legal requirements are met and that the project is delivered according to agreed specifications. Although there is a blend between construction and development management, our development management takes the financial ownership and tenant issues into consideration, ensuring that the lease will be sufficient to cover the cost of construction from an investment perspective. By providing management oversight for the entire lifecycle of a project, we minimise the risk and maximise the return for our clients. See past development management projects here.

Project management

Our project management involves the overall planning, coordination, and control of construction projects from the beginning until completion. Not only do we aim to meet clients' defined project requirements, we look to exceed these by utilising innovative techniques developed through years of combined experience. This allows us to minimise cost and maximise quality, ensuring timely delivery. We have developed strong relationships with skilled Architects, Engineers, Designers and subcontractors to ensure quality not only in our management but in the development of the project itself. See some of our past projects here.

Cost consultancy

The purpose of our cost consultancy is to work with clients to drive efficiency throughout the project lifecycle, balancing quality and cost. We provide an impartial analysis of the full scope of construction costs for each stage of a project, both in the initial planning phase, and following any necessary changes throughout the duration of the project. Within our cost consultancy are the following areas:
  • Project cost planning
  • Construction value engineering
  • Risk analysis and management
  • Material procurement advice
  • Contractor and supplier selection
  • Life-cycle cost modelling
  • Pre, during, and post-construction cost management
  • Construction cost studies and reports
  • Tender and contract preparation and evaluation
Although most projects do not require cost consultancy assistance in all of these areas, we tailor relevant solutions depending on client needs.

Design and build

We offer comprehensive design and build services to clients who approach us to manage both the design (planning) and the build (construction) phases of a project. This ensures consistency throughout the project, and reduces completion time through the removal of the 'bid' element – usually requiring construction management firms to tender for a pre-designed project and saving time in project design. Our strong relationships with skilled architects, construction contractors and subcontractors ensures a high level of quality and consistency throughout each stage of the process.

Feasibility studies

Our feasibility studies are undertaken in the planning stages of a project, prior to the confirmation and commencement of development. This provides peace of mind for clients, so that the significant cost of design is only carried if the vision for their project is actually feasible. We often undertake these for large or complex projects carrying a high level of uncertainty or risk regarding the proposed development, providing our clients comfort in the viability of their idea prior to design commitment. Our studies can include environmental impact assessments, obtaining legal approvals, analysis of the budget relative to the requirements, and they often involve working with a large range of stakeholders. The purpose of a feasibility study is to establish whether or not a project is viable, to provide the best approach, and to assist with the development of any required project documentation – such as a business case.

Construction management

Whether standalone or part of a broader project delivery, our construction management projects involve the on site management of contractors and sub-contractors. This ensures delivery of a predefined project, following the design phase. We have strong relationships with excellent tradesmen, developed through years of successful working experiences. This allows us to provide clients with comprehensive construction packages ensuring timely delivery, while maximising quality and minimising cost. Specific areas of expertise include, but are not limited to: interior fit outs, earthquake strengthening, and projects requiring civil engineering.
  • Our fit out and refurbishment services are for clients with existing or new premises looking to alter or create interior layouts. With extensive experience in this area, we tailor interior design to optimally utilise space and encourage productivity for those using it, handing the premises over defect-free on the agreed date. We understand that the interior of a building should be highly dependent on what it is used for, and our past projects reflect that.
  • We have had experience managing earthquake / seismic strengthening, particularly on projects in the Hamilton region. We work with engineering contractors to develop and implement methodology relevant to the level of strengthening required, and offer customised solutions to reduce time and cost.
  • With extensive training and experience in civil engineering, we enjoy working on construction management projects requiring this expertise. We have developed strong working relationships with reputable Engineers and contractors, and can make a difference in this area.